Employees work in the office nine hours a day, five to six days a week or maybe even more and their work place becomes their second home. Their work environment should be able to provide them the comfort and convenience of home as they function their daily tasks. These should be one of the primary concerns of any employer when they design and build their office.

An office that is cozy and with a well-planned design has a great influence on the performance and well-being of the workforce. It is known that a good work place design yields productivity among employees. Productivity translates to

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profitability which is the aim of any business.
As an expert in this field, Espacio Diseño ,Inc. is here to help you design, build and create an office space that will promote positive work habits, good morale, and encourage your employees to bring out their best ideas and squeeze their creative juices. Our team can come-up with a wide range of design concepts when it comes to designing your office space, and we start by considering many factors such as incorporating ergonomic office furniture of high quality, size of the organization, lighting, size and shape of available space, materials, and the likes. We will also collaborate with you on different office design trends that will suit your corporate culture and nature of business. You can go for the traditional, contemporary, flexible, interactive or homey. Our Office Systems Furniture and Design Concepts will inspire and motivate your employees to give their best performance as we will not only consider aesthetic, but function and efficiency as well when we start conceptualizing and building your work environment. We also ensure that the cost will fit our client’s budget.

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In commercial design, the main focus is the customers an establishment. This refers to retail, stores and restaurants.

In this modern age, most of us are stressed out personally and professionally, and one form of improving our mood and disposition is to engage ourselves in retail therapy. Based on survery, 62% of shoppers purchased something to make themselves feel better, and the remaining 28% buys for celebration. Business people have acknowledged and took advantage of this, which is evident in the influx of retail stores all around us. So how do you make your store

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stand out from the rest?
Espacio Diseño will help you by coming up with designs and lay-outs that will lure customers to enter your store by making the interior attractive from the outside. We will design aisles that will lead customers to various products of the store, and at the same time will make them at ease and safe as they wander through the store to browse various products being offered. We can customize shelves and

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racks that should be strategically placed to easily catch the buyer’s attention. Espacio Diseño’s design and project management team can design and execute your ideal retail fit-out that will give shoppers an unforgettable experience that is therapeutic and at the same time will help generate good sales.

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Everyone has a dream house. Regardless of your status in life, you have that dream, and you do not just want to own one, you also have the vision of its’ structure and

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that also includes a beautifully designed interiors.

This is where Espacio Diseño Inc comes in the picture. Designing a residential interior fit-out is our cup of tea as we are keen on building and creating for our clients’ a nice, cozy, useful and functional spaces and customized furniture for their homes. From the living room to the dining, bedroom to the bathroom and other parts of the house, our team will render design themes after

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listening to your preferences. We consider designing residential spaces as more personal and private as we have to consider that each individual is unique, the reason why it is important for us to know our clients on a personal level. Are they the conservative or modern type? Young or matured? Their professions, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Each person living in the same house is different, they have their own preferences, and we consider this when we design and build their private spaces. A brother who is into sports might want customized cabinets and shelves
to display his sports equipments and stuff, whilst the youngest in the family might prefer a girly look. A mom who loves to cook is into rustic kitchen, and the father of the house opts for a more masculine bedroom, or an unmarried person has in mind

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a minimalist Zen concept.

Inspite of individual differences of each person living under the same roof, we make sure there is harmony in all elements of the design especially in the general area like the living room, hallways and dining. We also take into factors the materials to be used for the flooring, ceiling, lighting, colors of the wall and the kind of cabinets and furniture to match the over-all look of the house. In every design concept, it is important for us that residential interior spaces should be cozy and comfortable as this is where you take refuge and rejuvenate after a stressful day at work, or find solace when confronted with personal difficulties. It is our mission to ensure that the interior design and fit-out of your house is something you will be proud of to showcase to your friends and family when they are invited

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over on special occasions or even on ordinary days. For sure, they will be awed.
We listen, conceptualize, design, build and create an impressive interior space for your dream house which is reflective of you

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as a person.

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  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

 Meet & Agree


In any transaction the first step is probably the most important. Our sales team would be very much willing to meet with any prospective client to discuss any type of requirement.  At this point, our team can find out more about you, your requirement, details, specifications and then suggest the most efficient options for you based on the information gathered.  There is no location out of reach for our team.


 Idea & Concept


Learning more about you, what you do and how you operate  allows us to  provide different options  most suitable to the environment you want to create.  The more information we get allows us to serve you better.  At this point we can conceptualize the items and environment  best suited for  your descerning taste and provide different options that you can relate to. From open space plans to a more conservative look, we do it all. With our vast roster of products, you will never get weary of the number of possible combinations we can make for you.  Let us explore with you.

 Design & Create


An ideal work place for any client is one that allows you to move freely and more efficiently. We create a work environment that is best suited for your type of business.  Our collaboration does not stop here. We involve you in every step of the process.

 Build & Install


The last step on the road is to build what you have imagined and turn it into reality. This stage is the realization of what was once an idea in your mind or on paper and see it actually taking shape. We continue to be your partner even after your requirement has been served. Our after sales service is unmatched in the industry. This offers you, our valued client, peace of mind every step of the way.